Why become a member?

What is İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL)?

İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL) is a non-profit professional association which was officially founded in June 2017 in Turkey after having functioned as T-PLUS (Trainers Professional Learning and Unlimited Sharing) since 2012.

Anyone involved in any aspect of English language teaching (curriculum, assessment, management, professional development, and so forth.) both within and outside Turkey can become a member of this association.

How do we operate?

İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL) is administered by a 5-member Board of Directors and 3-member Supervisory Committee.

What are the membership benefits?

  • Professional Development through
    • seminars
    • workshops
    • local events
    • annual convention with well-known national and international speakers
    • teacher training and trainer training courses
    • webinars
    • online conferences
    • roadshows
    • networking opportunities
  • Active involvement opportunity in Professional Councils
    • Affiliate network
    • Promotion
    • Events Planning
    • Research
  • Free subscription to Newsletter & other publications
  • Opportunity to become a member of professional learning communities (SIGS)
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Discounts

How can you become a member?

The entrance membership fee is 50 TL.

The annual membership fee is 150 TL.

The fee entitles you to attend the one-day local events free of charge and the annual convention at a reduced price. Members receive a biannual online professional magazine and annual online bulletin accessible through the members-only-area of the website.

If you are interested in becoming a member of İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği (TESOL), please follow the steps below.

To become a member, please

1. download and complete the membership form in the link below,

2. make the necessary bank deposits (membership entrance fee: TL 50 & annual membership fee: TL 150) payable to İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği through DenizBank (Ankara Çukurambar Branch),

Bank accounts:

TL IBAN: TR96 0013 4000 0151 9159 4000 01

USD IBAN: TR69 0013 4000 0151 9159 4000 02

EUR IBAN: TR42 0013 4000 0151 9159 4000 03

You can pay through DenizBank (Ankara Çukurambar Branch).

3. send the membership form, a copy of your ID, your photo and the bank receipt to tesolinturkey@gmail.com.



How can you get further information about the association?

Contact Information: tesolinturkey@gmail.com


LinkedIn: tesolinturkey