The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

The journey started in the year 2012 when a small group of teachers, teacher trainers and ELT managers joined forces by meeting in Izmir to share their professional development practices from within their respective institutions. This group was then called “T-PLUS” (Trainers’ Professional Learning and Unlimited Sharing), and it functioned as a non-profit professional organization with the mission of contributing to the development of teacher education and in-service professional learning within university sector language programs through collaboration and open exchange of practice.

Over the past 5 years, T-PLUS has amassed around 250 members from 60 different institutions in both Turkey and Northern Cyprus by organizing successful events at Izmir University of Economics, Yaşar University, TED University, Girne American University, Şehir University, TOBB University, Bilkent University, Osmangazi University and Eastern Mediterranean University. T-PLUS has been a TESOL Arabia Affiliate since 2015, and together we have organized two joint events, one in Dubai, and the other in Ankara. In addition to organizing conferences, T-PLUS has also offered mini-trainer training courses and a scholarship for the NILE trainer development course in the UK for its members. Also, in 2016, T-PLUS started “Roadshows” which involves providing any kind of help related to Professional Development by coming to our members’ doorstep in their institution. Basically, T-PLUS Roadshows were, as  TESOL in Turkey Roadshows are today, organized to support the T-PLUS community by providing consultancy in areas such as “Setting up a CPD Unit”.

The high participation rates for our events, as well as the constantly increasing number of members, have shown us that having a forum which brings together teachers, trainers, and managers interested in teachers’ professional learning is something that was greatly needed in our field; and we are pleased to see that there are so many individuals who have their hearts set on improving the quality of ELT in Turkey, which was the ultimate aim of T-PLUS, and now that of TESOL Turkey.

We can never thank our members enough for continuously supporting T-PLUS by attending and presenting at our events. As the T-PLUS family happily continued to grow, we were encouraged to transform T-PLUS into a formal national association. As the former coordinator of T-PLUS, I am now very happy and proud to announce the birth of “İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği” (TESOL Turkey), which will continue to carry the T-PLUS flag with its existing members, as well as the new members, in many more inspiring future events to come.

With my heartfelt gratitude to all of you,

Bahar GÜN

İngiliz Dili Öğretimi ve Mesleki Gelişim Derneği

TESOL Turkey



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